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Hardwood and White’s Bespoke Timber Carts provide an Alternative, New and Refreshing approach to displaying your product, serving  your clientele or simply creating an amotsphere unattained by the norm of our routines or surroundings.If you’re in the business of entertaining clients, serving food or beverages, decorating, events, management or more- be sure to have these Bespoke Carts in your repertoire amongst what you may already have, as ammunition to fulfill your or your clients expectations, needs and desires to the best of your ability. And in case you may be wondering- you may customise your cart! Have your logo incorporated! Your company colours! Customise to your needs! An array of designs and functionalities are all achievable, we’ve made it this far, we intend to go further! So please, won’t you have a browse, and feel free to ask any questions and hopefully we can help.

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Welcome to Hardwood and White. This is our page, thank you for browsing.  No doubt you may like what you see and at the risk of sounding proud, we too like what we have created here. Our motivation? To stand out! To amuse! To entertain! To create that feeling of, WANT, you don’t know why exactly you WANT, but you just WANT!   And we are happy to bring it to you.  Hardwood and White Bespoke Timber carts offer that touch of ‘the old times’ without over stepping the fine line that reads as ‘dated’ or ‘obsolete’.  Hardwood and White’s carts can be used for an array of uses, starting with displays perhaps for your Wedding Cake, your Wedding Gifts, CHAMPAGNE!!!, Wine, Delacasies, Sweets, Coffee Station,,,,,, it goes on.  Allow us to demonstrate as best we can and ignite in you, your imagination and passion for your next Event, Function, Festival, your full time requirement even,- Just let us fulfill your WANT.

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